Bonnie, Our Little Camel

The highlight of our volunteer’s feeding nights during the past few months has been this little girl. Since we started feeding her a few months ago, she has been excitedly greeting us each week as we make our feeding rounds, sometimes dashing dangerously across the road to meet us with little care for passing vehicles.[…]

Touch Me Not

We caught her! We caught little Elmo Girl! Photograph taken last Saturday during our feeding rounds Our volunteers rushed down to the industrial estate right after work and we spent about 2 hours searching for her. While we were searching, we spoke to some workers and many were not even aware that this little girl[…]


Video : Emptiness What is your typical day like? Do you sit in an air-conditioned office for 8 hours a day and step out only for lunch? Do you sit in air-conditioned lecture theatres for classes and return to a comfortable home after a day out with your friends? For me, Milo, I do not know[…]

Get A Life

Today is a very special day. Every Sunday, for the past many months, our team of volunteers make that trip to the far away makeshift shed to bathe, feed, walk and spend time with the 3 dogs caged 24/7 because of human selfishness. Just 3 hours once a week, that’s all the freedom they get.[…]

Oh Boy! Update On Danny

Two volunteers took the day off to take Danny to the groomer’s and the vet. It was the first time in many years that Danny had been outside his home and he was clearly nervous. However, despite his nerves, he allowed himself to be groomed by the groomer, and prodded and poked by the vet[…]