Oh Boy! Update On Danny

Two volunteers took the day off to take Danny to the groomer’s and the vet. It was the first time in many years that Danny had been outside his home and he was clearly nervous. However, despite his nerves, he allowed himself to be groomed by the groomer, and prodded and poked by the vet with no fuss at all. At the end of each visit, both the groomer and vet confirmed what we already knew – Danny was a sweet dog with an excellent temperament.

Took Danny to the groomers as his fur was badly matted
Oh the joy of running around 
The vet estimated Danny to be about 6 years old, and he weighs around 7kg. The full checkup at the vet revealed that Danny has a slight heart murmur, but did not require any treatment for this for now. The more immediate problem was his skin condition. The vet advised that he should not be vaccinated until his skin was better. To treat his skin, he needs to be bathed twice a week with medicated shampoo. And he was also given ear drops to clean out the infection in his ears. To help clear up his skin and ears, he would need to be taken off his diet of bread and rice, and be put on a fish-based diet instead. He should also be ready to be sterilised in a few weeks.

Looking handsome after his groom
At his first vet visit, his skin was red, dry and itchy

The whole day he was out, he did not drink, pee or poo, probably due to the stress of being in unfamiliar surroundings and situations. However, all that met him that day were quick to fall in love with him and only had praise for this sweet boy.

Happy and smiling despite being at the vet

After discussing his medical needs with Mdm H and the social worker, it was decided that we took Danny into our care, as Mdm H would not be able to bathe him or administer the ear drops with the required frequency and consistency, given her own health concerns. Though she appreciated the offer for our volunteers to visit as often in the week as required to administer the medications, it was decided that this may not be best for her own recovery. So, while it pained all parties to do so, we believed that taking Danny back with us was for the best. Danny will be given the medical attention he requires, and Mdm H will have the worry-free time to rest and focus on getting better.

Photo on the left shows his skin drying up after 1 week of medication. Photo on right is when we first met Danny.

Danny urgently needs a foster. Please help if you can. His foster would be required to :
  1. Bathe him with medicated shampoo twice a week
  2. Feed him his medications twice a day
  3. Clean and medicate his ears twice a day
  4. Feed him home cooked food (fish based)
  5. He is quite a vocal dog as he has never been taught the right behaviour so his foster would need to teach him how to behave, not to bark, to be less excited and calm.
Danny gets on well with other dogs but ideally he should be fostered in a home with no dogs or with one calm dog.

To foster Danny, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg