Get A Life

Today is a very special day.
Every Sunday, for the past many months, our team of volunteers make that trip to the far away makeshift shed to bathe, feed, walk and spend time with the 3 dogs caged 24/7 because of human selfishness. Just 3 hours once a week, that’s all the freedom they get.
Today is different. We are going to give them their freedom back.
First thing in the morning our team will be going down to free them from their makeshift sheds. Pet transport and vet appointments have been booked and on standby. The 3 dogs will be going straight to the vet for a full medical checkup. We will then ward them at the vet for a few days till we find saviors.
Marley (male) – estimated 5 to 6 years old, sweet, well-behaved, obedient, walks well on leash and loves life, despite having been banished to life imprisonment by humans.

Marilyn (female) – estimated 5 to 6 years old, intelligent, occasionally bossy to other dogs, sweet and affectionate, walks well on leash and drinks water with one paw in the water bowl.
Drinking water with 1 paw in the water bowl

Signature 1 paw in the water bowl pose

Marilyn knows some commands
 Phoebe (female) – estimated 2 to 3 years old, quiet, affectionate, sweet, walks well on leash, well-behaved, underrated.

The health of all 3 dogs are unknown but we will have more updates on their health after their vet visits and full medical checkups.
Now that they will soon have their freedom back, something that was rightfully theirs, let’s give them a life too. If you can be their savior or guardian angels, please email us.
Marley, Marilyn and Phoebe need help with the following :
*help with their vet bills

We don’t have funds or resources to save and keep the 3 of them till they are rehomed, but we have great faith that you will come to their rescue and won’t let them down.