Touch Me Not

We caught her! We caught little Elmo Girl!

Photograph taken last Saturday during our feeding rounds

Our volunteers rushed down to the industrial estate right after work and we spent about 2 hours searching for her. While we were searching, we spoke to some workers and many were not even aware that this little girl hung around their factory on her own, not even the security guards. No one seemed to care about her. Slightly after, we saw a worker looking around as he was leaving for the day. We asked if he was looking for her and he said yes, she would be out soon, he said, although he didn’t know where she hid during the day. He told us that she had been hanging around that factory for slightly more than a year and had no fur from the first time he saw her. He said “she must have eaten something wrong when she was a puppy.”
Volunteers searching for the dog
Soon the little girl appeared, walking down the road by her lonesome self, scratching as she walked. She was happy to see us and wagged her tail but as soon as she realized we were planning to catch her, she started running around the factory and panicking. She was a little wary of humans, possibly because no one had ever patted or touched her. Who would? A dog with no fur looking like she had some contagious disease. After a game of cat and mouse, fortunately we managed to corner her and leash her. By the time we got her, the vet was closed so she is presently at a volunteer’s home and will go to the vet in the morning.
Her eyes showed us sadness and tiredness

She reeked of oil and her skin smelled really bad, we had to drive with the windows down. The smell of oil on her could be from hiding and sleeping under lorries. She is very scared and refused food and water. She didn’t even want to look at us. Perhaps she knows she doesn’t look good.
Not wanting to look at us
We will update when we get more details after her visit to the vet.

WE NEED YOUR HELP. If you can foster / adopt / help with vet bills, please do so. It would mean a lot to this little girl whom we have named Bonnie.