Four Leaf Clover

We mourned the loss of two tiny lives. They were perfectly formed and so tiny and perfect that only a puppy can be. They were stillborn. It was a routine trap, neuter and release exercise at a factory we visited on a weekly basis to feed the stray dogs inside. The intention was to catch[…]

Farewell Ralphie

We came to know about you on October 3, at about 3pm, when a member of the public sent your photograph to us. She said she had seen you crossing the road right in front of her car at around noon, along Yishun Ring Road. We rushed down to save you and take you to[…]

Bonnie Needs A Foster

It has been a few weeks since we rescued our little Bonnie. Since then, with the medications and a diet of special hypoallergenic kibbles prescribed by the vet, her baby fur has since started to grow.Read her original rescue story. At the vet Bonnie has also since been back to the vet for her review.[…]

Freedom For The Three Musketeers

Have you experienced the warmth of having your dog(s) or a family member welcome you home with all his or her love before? When I go home, my dog would do a little dance for me, run around like a sprinter and lick me like I am an ice-cream. If you do not have a[…]

World Animal Day

Many of us grew up celebrating Children’s Day in school. If you are still in Primary School, you would be celebrating it in school next Friday. We celebrate Youth Day, Total Defence Day, Racial Harmony Day and Teachers’ Day in school too. We also know about Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day. Yet, how many of[…]