World Animal Day

Many of us grew up celebrating Children’s Day in school. If you are still in Primary School, you would be celebrating it in school next Friday. We celebrate Youth Day, Total Defence Day, Racial Harmony Day and Teachers’ Day in school too. We also know about Mothers’ Day and Fathers’ Day. Yet, how many of us know about World Animal Day? Did you know, today is World Animal Day. On this very special day, let us wish all our animal friends a very happy Animal Day! May you gain more love from the humans and may more people know about your rights, show you more respect and realize you have feelings and emotions just like us.

The things we do to get a good shot!

Amber decides she wants to chill and we have to wait till she feels like walking again

On this very special day, let us also pay tribute to our best friend, the dog. It is difficult to use words to express the love and admiration we have for dogs, all the wonderful qualities dogs encompass and the special bond between them and us. No amount of positive superlatives would do them justice. Which other animal loves us as unconditionally and does so many things for us? Dogs go through thick and thin with us, adore us more than themselves, guard our homes with their lives, help in search and rescue operations, sniff out drugs, welcome us home with all their love and excitement, help to guide the blind and help to heal and touch lives through dog therapy just to name a few of the many things they do for us. They would even sacrifice their lives for us without a second thought. 

Vera is Amber’s daughter and she behaves just like her Mommy! Super chill

That’s Vera, getting affectionate with us

So many volunteers involved just to get nice pics of our doggies! 
What did we do to deserve such undying love and loyalty from dogs? Not everyone is a dog lover, but everyone benefits from dogs! When a dog is asked to help in a search and rescue operation, he will selflessly rescue everyone he can save. The dog will not be spiteful and say ‘hmmph! Why should I help her? She always bullies me.’ All of us also benefit from a safe and secure home thanks to our canine friends, who assist the police in patrols, screening of vehicles, bomb sweeps, containing of riots and finding of illegal workers amongst other tasks. We are so lucky aren’t we, to have the affection, attention, adoration and advantages from these cute little furries.

Part and parcel of being a doggie slave

Man’s best friend

Their happiness and well-being mean the world to us 

Above all, love is enough reason for us to be kinder to our best friend, the dog. Even if they could not do any of the above things for us, just look at their eyes and give them a little pat or hug. Being human, you will definitely feel something in your heart. Something warm. It is then that you will know the furry one has occupied your heart. If you are a huge dog lover, maybe he has occupied your entire heart! Even if you are not a dog lover, the dog has the power to worm his way into your heart. He will occupy a tiny corner of your heart if you give him the chance to do so. Dogs are really such omnipotent beings. Their love for us knows no boundaries. Yet, there is only so little we can do for them in return. Many humans still treat them as lesser beings and some are so cruel to them, it really pains us so much to hear of their acts of malice to the poor doggies.

Let’s celebrate DOGS
This Animal Day, let us create more awareness on animal issues and help the world become a kinder place for animals. Each of us just has to do a little and it will go a long way. Perhaps you could go to your pet and give him or her a little kiss, perhaps you could start volunteering with an animal welfare group or perhaps you could welcome a new fur baby to your home by adopting one. Let us do what we can to show our love and appreciation towards our animal friends today. Adopt, don’t shop, love the earth, love the animals, adieu to the dismal.

Best buddies

Written by: Weiling