Bonnie Needs A Foster

It has been a few weeks since we rescued our little Bonnie. Since then, with the medications and a diet of special hypoallergenic kibbles prescribed by the vet, her baby fur has since started to grow.

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At the vet
Bonnie has also since been back to the vet for her review. During her first visit, we had blood work and a skin scrape done and she was found to be healthy, if a little malnourished. Now that her skin is getting better from her improved diet, the vet finally had a chance to do a thorough physical examination to see if there were any other physical ailments that needed to be addressed. 

 Baby fur growing out and Bonnie has started to put on some weight
Brave little Bonnie
Fractured tooth

In this visit, the vet found a canine tooth that was so broken that the root was exposed. When asked what could have caused such a bad break, the vet surmised that she must have had to resort to eating stones out of hunger and broken a tooth while munching on one. What a sad life Bonnie must have had on the streets! The vet also found a badly infected nipple, probably caused by her skin condition and poor diet. There was a lot of pus squeezed out and it was foul smelling so it must have been infected for a while now.

Isn’t she a sweetheart?
Throughout the review, Bonnie proved what a sweet girl she is. Not once did she fuss while the vet checked her mouth and cleaned her ears. Even when the vet was squeezing out the pus from her nipple, though it must have hurt, Bonnie did not wince at all and just calmly subjected to the treatment. Out in the open though, Bonnie can be a bit timid. During walks, she often has her tail tucked under and will freeze and attempt to bolt for cover. This is just an instinctual response to the unfamiliar from spending so much time on the streets. Back then, anything unfamiliar was usually a source of danger and in order to survive, she had to learn to avoid and hide as soon as anything unfamiliar presents itself. That is the way of the streets, and this is all she knows. But with time and patience, she can learn that she no longer needs to run and hide.

Squeezing out a lot of pus from a badly infected nipple
Blood works showed she’s in perfect health
Now that Bonnie is on the path to recovery, she needs a foster urgently. She is a shy dog and prefers to chill in a corner on her own. She is very quiet and does not bark. She still does not know how to drink water from the bowl so requires some coaxing and encouragement. Though her fur is starting to grow, she still needs to be rinsed and have a medicated oil applied to her skin on alternate days to keep it moist till she recovers fully.

Will you foster me please?

If you can foster Bonnie and help with her recovery and rehabilitation, email Short and long term fosters welcome.

Written by: Sam