Uncle Seng And His Pets

Remember Uncle Seng and his pets? We just shared his story two weeks back.His dogs, Mary and Audi, are sad and miss him greatly. Audi is being boarded commercially while Mary, who was like Uncle Seng’s shadow, is currently at a volunteer’s home. We knew that Mary would be more affected by the separation than[…]

Roxy, The Sweet Accidental Rescue

Dogs come into our lives for a reason, as guardian angels to teach us about love, patience and perseverance. Roxy’s rescue was not planned nor intended. Perhaps there was a reason why she came into our lives and soon, yours too. It was a routine visit to the fish farm to check on dogs there.[…]

Muffin Dog

“Oh do you know the Muffin Dog, the Muffin Dog, the Muffin Dog, do you know the Muffin Dog, that Hope Dog Rescue saved? Yes I know the Muffin Dog, the Muffin Dog, the Muffin Dog. Yes I know the Muffin Dog, The sweetest little dog!” (to the tune of ‘The Muffin Man’ nursery rhyme)[…]

Jobless & Homeless

“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals,” as the German philosopher Emmanuel Kant wisely said. And it is his treatment of the animals that he has taken under his wing that we have judged the heart of Uncle Seng to be one that is full of compassion. Uncle Seng[…]

Chai 2.90

Remember the badly neglected Dachshund we picked up in Ang Mo Kio yesterday? He had been seen wandering the estate for a few days but no one stepped forward to help, and even complained about him being a nuisance. We picked him up and brought him to the vet, and have named the little guy[…]

Another Ralphie?

The night before, we were informed by a stray feeder that she had seen a dog with a maggot infested wound on his neck. She pleaded for our help, reminding us that a delay would cause his wound to become like Ralphie the Yishun stray and it would be too late to save him. Our[…]

Updates On Baby

Baby’s recovery is nothing short of a miracle.Read her rescue stories here :Original rescue story 1st Update 2nd Update 3rd Update From the very first moment we discovered the extent of her injuries, to the complications in between and the multiple surgeries she had to undergo, it is indeed incredible that she managed to regain[…]