Updates On Baby

Baby’s recovery is nothing short of a miracle.

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3rd Update

From the very first moment we discovered the extent of her injuries, to the complications in between and the multiple surgeries she had to undergo, it is indeed incredible that she managed to regain use of her bladder and can even run again. She had crushed hips, not one but both and all of us initially thought that she will not be able to stand and walk again. Her bladder was displaced appallingly in her thigh area and she had to undergo surgeries to reconstruct it. Yes, not one surgery but a few. Poor Baby, the pain and suffering she had to endure. We remembered seeing her X-ray and the dire diagnosis one after another, the lumps in our throats and our heavy hearts when we left the vet. Any vet would have given up and put her to sleep, citing reasons such as quality of life after surgery. But thanks to all the support we had and all your contributions to the vet bills, we managed to find the best vet to save her. Thank you Dr Jean Paul Ly for giving Baby hope when the odds were stacked against her. Baby not only survived, but she can walk, pee, poo and can even jump on the sofa today. Her hind legs are still weak, which is inevitable but she will slowly build muscle mass and regain her strength slowly. She can now savour her food, smell the fresh air and feel the crisp grass beneath her paws because all of you came forward to do your bit to help.

We would like to thank foster Karen for taking such terrific care of Baby. We appealed for so long for a foster for Baby, no one came forward and when we were so desperate and at our wits end, Karen appeared like an angel, answering our prayers for Baby. Initially right after her surgery, Karen had to lie on the grass to express her pee and walk her up to 4 to 5 times a day. God bless you Karen!

Thankfully, Baby can pee on her own now and no longer require her foster to express her bladder. Instead of the usual strong flow of pee, Baby’s pee flow is slow, as the muscles in her bladder are weak. But she is normal, a miracle in fact, considering what she has gone through. Baby does her business outdoors and requires slow walks as she is still recovering. She loves her food and is on 3 home-cooked meals a day. Baby needs time to slowly get used to the family and does not require extra care as she is healthy and well now. She has bonded well with her foster family and even allows them to brush her teeth. Baby, however is not good with cats and does not like them very much. She prefers her canine companions and is presently being fostered with 4 other dogs now. She gets along very well with them and is not territorial and even allows them to sleep on her bed.

Baby is now ready to move on and find a permanent home of her own. Will you be her forever angel? Baby is pretty and has unique markings. She is estimated to be about 6 years old.

To ADOPT BABY, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg 

Written by: Jamie Faith