Another Ralphie?

The night before, we were informed by a stray feeder that she had seen a dog with a maggot infested wound on his neck. She pleaded for our help, reminding us that a delay would cause his wound to become like Ralphie the Yishun stray and it would be too late to save him. Our reserves are dry and we told her we had no capacity to help.  She pleaded with us, saying that other groups had already turned her down and we were her only Hope.
Seems like a pleasant boy
Before we could agree, the feeder had engaged the services of a dog trapper, paid the trapper and they managed to set a trap and caught the dog the next night! We applaud her initiative and agreed to take on the case.
She told us that this badly injured dog was about 8 months old and she had been feeding him since he was 2 months old. She used to be able to hand-feed and pat him, till authorities came and caught his entire family of 6, instilling such great fear in him that he no longer trusted humans. He was the sole survivor and managed to stay alive by hiding in the dense forest, coming out only at feeding time.

When we rushed to the vet to meet him, we were shocked to see that the wounds on his neck were pretty deep. It seemed that the attack on him was very vicious, an attack to kill. There were deep puncture holes filled with maggots on his neck, as well as puncture holes on his legs. He must have been savagely attacked and as he tried to run away, they bit his legs as well. Poor puppy.
At the Emergency room, he was very nervous and had to be under General Anesthetic to have the maggots removed and wounds flushed clean. After hours vets don’t come cheap, thus we put off the blood test etc till tomorrow when he is transferred to another clinic and have test conducted during regular clinic hours.
We decided to name him Pongo, after the heroic dog in 101 Dalmatians.
It is sad when strays have their homes taken away. They have nowhere to go and inadvertently encroach into another’s territory and that’s when attacks and fights happen. Pongo is fortunate to have been spotted by his feeder, who immediately looked for help. Although the vet estimated that his wound is about a week old, he is truly blessed to have been noticed and caught.

Help us save Pongo. We have an outstanding vet bill of $15000/-, not just from recent rescues, sterilizations, but also many of the street dogs we rescue either have very severe accidents like Baby, are seriously ill or require long term medications and numerous vet reviews.
Please support us and help Pongo so that he doesn’t become another case of Ralphie the Yishun dog.

Email you would like to share your kindness and generosity with Pongo. Thank you