Muffin Dog

“Oh do you know the Muffin Dog, the Muffin Dog, the Muffin Dog, do you know the Muffin Dog, that Hope Dog Rescue saved? Yes I know the Muffin Dog, the Muffin Dog, the Muffin Dog. Yes I know the Muffin Dog, The sweetest little dog!” (to the tune of ‘The Muffin Man’ nursery rhyme)

Muffin’s previous home

A much cleaner and happier Muffin after rescue
Yes, Muffin is the sweetest little dog indeed. She is such a cutie pie isn’t she? Look at her! She is muffin’ but the best. She is small-sized, weighing only 13 kg and HDB approved. Our dear little Muffin is a 1 year old female local crossbreed that lived in a cruddy construction site with Peaches. One day, we brought some food to the construction site to feed the poor doggies there. We were expecting the doggies to run out and greet us in search of food and to bounce up and down in excitement. Strangely, this did not happen. After looking around, we found Muffin hiding under a truck. The poor girl was limping and her fur was coated in so much oil that they were all grey and hard, not nice and fluffy as they should be. Being very concerned about Muffin’s condition, we immediately brought her to the vet. The x-ray showed a dorsal hip fracture. Luckily, the vet said surgery was not required and it would heal on its own with some rest. Phew! Sweet Muffin was blessed and found a foster to care for her. A week later, she went for her review, which went well and showed that she had recovered fully. Muffin can now walk, run and jump normally without a limp and has since found a loving family of her own. She is now ‘small and white, clean and bright’ like an edelweiss flower. She is so many shades lighter that one would have thought she was a different dog!
Volunteer Wendy carrying Muffin from the work site to the car, to take her to the vet

Poor Muffin, oily, dirty, grimy and in great pain with a fractured hip
Muffin cannot love and thank her adopter e’muff. She hopes that her other fur pals can find their furever homes soon too. To make her wish come true, please email Thank you! *puppy eyes, tail wags and licks from Muffin*
Strays often don’t have it easy.  If you see a stray, please give him / her a good meal. You never know if he / she will sill be around tomorrow. 

And she lived happily ever after

Written by: Weiling