Ariel Beanie – A part of US!

My family and I first came to know about Ariel and her other siblings through HOPE Dog Rescue’s Facebook page. We took interest in the page describing the volunteers’ efforts in rescuing Emily Bean and her cute little puppies. As my wife’s birthday is fast approaching, with the kids’ constant bugging to have a pet,[…]

A Miracle For Elmo

Regular readers would be familiar with the type of depressing stories we usually post on the plights of the strays. This post however, is the complete opposite! We are absolutely, utterly ecstatic, thrilled and elated to share that Elmo HAS BEEN ADOPTED!!! Read about Elmo’s story here. Elmo and his new mommy, April Family bonding[…]

Tis The Season Of Giving

Another year is drawing to a close. Have you fulfilled most of your 2015 New Year resolutions? We have. In the past one year, we have helped almost 40 dogs and cats. And we’re mighty proud of that! If you’ve followed our journey over the last one year, you’ll know that we’ve really chalked up[…]

Uncle Seng’s Cats

Thank you for responding to our plea to sponsor the boarding of Uncle Seng’s remaining cats. Kind donors have stepped up to assist us with December’s boarding and the mandatory one month deposit so that we can board all 6 cats at the same facility.Read about Uncle Seng and his pets here :Original rescue story Follow up story […]

Bonnie, Our Little Camel

“My Bonnie lies over the ocean, my Bonnie lies over the sea, my Bonnie lies over the ocean, oh bring back my Bonnie to me’. Poor Bonnie… While she is not lying over the ocean or the sea, she has led a tumultuous life with ups and downs like choppy waves in the sea. We[…]

Lucky Peaches

Peaches at her previous work site ‘Peaches Peaches! Peaches Peaches!’*Peaches starts smiling, tilting her head and coming towards me to lick me and give me a kiss with her cute little nose (ahhh so cute)* This was my first encounter with Peaches, the most adorable little puppy that suddenly appeared out of nowhere at Milo’s[…]