Uncle Seng’s Cats

Thank you for responding to our plea to sponsor the boarding of Uncle Seng’s remaining cats. Kind donors have stepped up to assist us with December’s boarding and the mandatory one month deposit so that we can board all 6 cats at the same facility.

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Original rescue story

Follow up story 

Warded at vet
Some are understandably very stressed, given that it is yet another move for them in such a short period of time. While we were getting them settled in, we noticed 2 cats drooling and looking sickly. As our vet’s bills are mounting, we decided to take Ashley who seemed to be in a more dire situation to the vet first. At the vet, it was discovered that she has severe gum disease. Her gums were bleeding badly and so ulcerated that there was even pus oozing from her gums. Also, her teeth were mostly rotten, so you can imagine the pain she is in and how much she must have been suffering. No wonder she was drooling so badly and can’t eat, resulting in her skeletal frame. Almost all her teeth had to be extracted and she only has 4 teeth left now.

Mouth full of ulcers and pus
Subsequently, we send the other sick cat, Nina, to the vet. She turned out to be the more serious of the two. After sedation, they found that her entire mouth and throat were covered with ulcers that were so bad that they couldn’t even insert the tube down her throat. The surgery had to be cancelled. The ulcers are a result of a viral infection; Calici which is contagious to non-vaccinated cats. On the bright side, her appetite is improving and she is put on antibiotics and steroids. She can be discharged soon and in view of her weak condition, we hope she can recuperate safely in a foster home where she can be closely monitored. Any deterioration and she will need to be brought back to the vet immediately.
It has been weeks since Uncle Seng has last seen his cats after he moved out from the factory he called home for years. He misses them dearly and sadly, one passed away before he can say goodbye. Hopefully, we will be able to take him to see them this week and this will lift their spirits considerably.
The cats are:
Socks (one of the cutest and the fiercest)
Female, healthy and feral. Not accustomed to human contact.
Male, FIV-positive. Very sweet and friendly, even allows humans to hug and cuddle him.

Female, FIV-positive, sick with chronic cat flu and tongue ulcers on her tongue. Sweet and friendly. Allows humans to carry and cuddle with her.

Female, FIV-positive, still recovering from an eye infection. Her eye was bleeding and she had been warded for 10 days. Timid and shy but not fierce, tolerates human contact.

Female, dental problem. Friendly, allows human contact and can be carried.

Nina also warded at vet
Female. Severe dental issues and inflicted with feline calicivirusShy, not too friendly, but tolerates human contact.
Although we can barely afford the vet bills, we have no choice but to send them in as we cannot bear to watch them suffer. We need help with both Nina’s and Ashley’s vet bills as well as the boarding fees for all 6 cats. Although we have managed to get their December’s boarding sponsored, we still need help with January’s boarding fee urgently as well as subsequent months until they get adopted.
If you can contribute towards boarding or vet bills, or foster/adopt any of the cats, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg. Uncle Seng would be happy to know that his cats have received help.