A Miracle For Elmo

Regular readers would be familiar with the type of depressing stories we usually post on the plights of the strays. This post however, is the complete opposite! We are absolutely, utterly ecstatic, thrilled and elated to share that Elmo HAS BEEN ADOPTED!!!

Read about Elmo’s story here.

Elmo and his new mommy, April
Family bonding time

X’mas came early for all of us here at Hope Dog Rescue and this piece of awesome news is the best Christmas present for us! Our hearts leaped with joy and tears of happiness were shed as Elmo is not our usual rescue case; he is a special needs dog. Elmo is almost deaf and blind and has congenital skin problems. Although his health got better over time, he was often overlooked for adoption due to his conditions and outward appearances.

Do you see how his eyes light up now?
Look at that million dollar smile!

We had almost given up hope of ever finding Elmo a home. We remembered when we first rescued him, he was skeletal and nearing death. He did not know how to eat and drink and didn’t even look like a dog at all. The expression in his eyes said it all; he had severe health issues and had lost faith in this world that meant nothing but pain and suffering for him. Heartbroken at the state we found him in, we hastily bundled him to the vet and whispered to him to hang on, to hold on to life, because we promised him that there will only be better days ahead.

Today, we fulfilled that promise to you Elmo, you’ll finally have a family who will shower you with love and affection and a place to call home at last. Go live a better life now Elmo! We will miss your goofy smiles and silly antics, but our hearts are bursting with joy for you! Bless you April and family, for giving this disadvantaged dog a chance to experience a loving home in this lifetime. You have made a significant difference to his life. THANK YOU.

Elmo’s adopter, April, is just 23, yet she is completely undaunted by the responsibility of taking care of a special needs dog. Elmo is indeed lucky to have found this kind family!


Despite having a happy fur family of 2 bunnies & 2 hamsters, I felt that my (human) family and I had enough space for one more furkid. And he had to be a doggy.

Being an animal activist, l was well aware that senior & special needs dogs usually had the least chances of finding a home. Hence, inevitably the decision was made. All it took was an email and I got to meet my new son. After house checks & several preparation, it was arranged to foster Elmo for a weekend.

My parents were a little skeptical at first, given that Elmo was a little more bigger in size than they had anticipated. But by the end of the weekend Elmo had captured their hearts… especially my mom’s. How could he not?! With his adorable eyes and cheeky smile, anyone is bound to be spellbound by him.

Fostering Elmo was not as difficult as I had expected it to be. Once both Elmo and I got the hang of the daily routine, I began to include more things such as cooking for him, bathing him etc. The kind volunteers guided us step by step.

Elmo seemed to understand what was going on and his daily antics amazed me. He has this habit of choosing his favourite person of the ‘day’. He will latch on one of my family members and follow them around the house. Recently he seems to have taken to bright colours. There was once he found a bright pink tote bag, cleverly took it by it’s handle and trotted to the living room to surprise us!

I’ve seen his patience when my other furkids bullied him. He didn’t turn his head when my bunny went up to sniff his tail. He did nothing but to grunt softly when one of my naughty hamsters nipped near his neck. Poor Elmo! I made certain that the little hammie had good telling off from me on the spot.

After several weekends of such fun fostering, we decided to go ahead with the adoption, so that Elmo can be a part of my family. Elmo taught me about perseverance, he taught me to broaden my heart & mind, to stay optimistic for anything is possible.

Elmo was once thought to be deaf, blind & perhaps autistic. But it doesn’t seem to be the case now. He is able to see certain colours and seems to recognise our faces and voices. Although he doesn’t respond to basic commands… yet, he has proven that he is able to hear. Just tap his food bowl and he’ll come bouncing to get his meal! He has learnt to climb up and down the stairs, and he loves his walks. He likes to watch the community cats & humans whenever we pass by them during our walks.

He has been trying so hard to give his best at living. And I must agree that he continues to succeed. A huge thank you to HOPE Dog Rescue’s volunteers for everything. We are grateful & pretty much honored that Elmo has chosen us to be his furever family!

With love from Elmo’s new mommy, April Vishnu