Why Must I Walk My Dog?

There are many people who would like to adopt dogs but do not want to walk their dogs, at least not regularly. Walking their dogs, they feel, is an activity to do “when the mood strikes”. At the very most, they take the dogs out on the weekends or on holidays, as if the walk[…]

Adopt, Don’t Shop!

“Let’s get that Chihuahua, or Silky Terrier, or how about that Teacup Poodle?” Walk into any pet shop and you are bound to hear people repeat questions like this all the time. It saddens us when the decision to get a family pet hinges on the condition of the potential pet being purebred. Lucky Pearl[…]

Cassie Needs A Home

Introducing sweetest Cassie!! Gorgeous Gets on well with dogs Cassie is friendly and sociable Despite her size and height (she’s like a little pony), Cassie is the sweetest, most gentle dog you will ever meet. Calm, elegant and polite. She is fun and playful when it’s time to play, but also obedient and well-mannered when[…]