Cassie Needs A Home

Introducing sweetest Cassie!!


Gets on well with dogs

Cassie is friendly and sociable

Despite her size and height (she’s like a little pony), Cassie is the sweetest, most gentle dog you will ever meet. Calm, elegant and polite. She is fun and playful when it’s time to play, but also obedient and well-mannered when she needs to be. All you need is a soft NO and she drops what she is doing and behaves!

Cassie absolutely adores babies and young children

Cassie is estimated to be almost two years old and she’s a rather good looking dog. She is adorable, sometimes goofy and her mannerisms will make you laugh. She keeps herself entertained with her toys and she loves her food and treats. She has no aggression with food and humans. She allows you to pat her, open her mouth, touch her while she is eating etc. – such is the sweet temperament of dear Cassie.
Her eyes light up whenever she is with children

We had rescued Cassie as a feral dog as she was found in a densely forested area, and we estimated that she would require at least 3 to 6 months of rehabilitation, if not more. How wrong we were! After a mere week, we realized she loved hanging out with other dogs and found strength and confidence just by being in their company. She watched them play with toys and observed their behaviour and mimicked them. This was a true eye opener for us as well, as we realized how our pack of dogs had taught Cassie confidence, courage, and how to behave like a pet dog. It was more than a human could ever teach.

In no time, her true colors emerged. We realized that she was just a big baby who loves to play, eat and sleep! She loves to play with toys and gets along with all dogs, even the smaller ones as she sees all dogs as her playmates.

Cassie’s a pretty good swimmer

So good looking and obedient