Adopt, Don’t Shop!

“Let’s get that Chihuahua, or Silky Terrier, or how about that Teacup Poodle?”

Walk into any pet shop and you are bound to hear people repeat questions like this all the time. It saddens us when the decision to get a family pet hinges on the condition of the potential pet being purebred.

Lucky Pearl and her forever love

Since racism is frowned upon in the human world, why can’t we also stop the stereotype that only purebred dogs are desirable? These unfortunate purebred dogs on display are mostly bred in pet farms under dire health conditions, and the dogs used as “baby ovens” to churn out puppies are often found to be grossly neglected, abused and in extremely poor health.

AVA recently implemented guidelines on proper pet farm practices, but when secret checks were conducted, they found that the majority of pet farm operators still do not adhere to these guidelines. For every dog that you coo over in the glass display, there are many unseen and suffering ones in the pet farms. Stop supporting the dog breeding industry so that fewer dogs have to suffer!

Wang Wang and his siblings

Instead, walk into any dog shelter and you’ll see there are hundreds of healthy, fun-loving and equally adorable dogs looking for a home, at a fraction of the cost! They all have their own stories to tell and are pretty resilient after going through their ordeals. Some have big personalities, some prefer to hide between your ankles, some are so docile you can leave your babies with them unattended, some are the perfect exercise buddies and some are just happy to be your shadow. There are so many different characters to choose from and each one is unique in their own way.

Alfie and his mommy

Marley and his new family

Ariel Bean and her new sisters

All of HOPE’s dogs are taken for a full comprehensive medical checkup, vaccinated, sterilized, microchipped, tested for parvo virus, distemper, kidney and liver functions (all costing almost $1000, sometimes more). That’s more than most pet stores will do for their puppies for sale. We must say, we are extremely proud of what we do for these rescued dogs. Some know basic commands and with a little patience, can be taught all sorts of tricks. Some are taught to be little helpers around the house; fetching and putting away things, guarding the front door, entertaining children, and some are taught to be companions and healers, going around to people who need some cheering up. And then there are some who simply want to be your lapdog, jumping into your lap at every opportunity.

Muffin and her mummy
Amber and her Papa

One thing we know for sure, is that all rescued dogs are very thankful and appreciative of you opening your hearts and homes to them, and giving them a second chance at life. All lives are precious, be it big or small-sized. Adopt a rescued dog and save a life today!

Visit our adoption page to save a life.