Have A Heart. Adopt A Dog

Dog owners will agree that there’s nothing quite like the reception we get coming home to our dogs. That dance of joy is enough to make anyone feel like a superstar with each arrival home! Dogs alleviate feelings of loneliness, whether we’ve been packed in like sardines with nameless strangers on the MRT, or just[…]

Babu’s Updates (After Surgery)

Babu had his surgery as scheduled. It was a long and intense procedure which lasted 4 whole hours. Babu’s bones were fractured into fragments such that they could not just insert a steel plate. Screws had to be inserted to hold the steel plate in place. Look how badly his bones have been shattered Imagine[…]

Babu, Is That You?

We first met Babu in May 2012 when someone informed us of a hit and run case. Babu was a very sweet street dog that was cared for by some workers. He had gone out to look for them when he was struck by a car and dragged a distance. Thankfully, he survived the accident and[…]

Frontline & Revolution Needed

Look at all the happy doggies!! What does Animal Rescue mean? It’s not always about dramatic rescues, but the mundane day to day tasks may be even more important. Every month, we visit more than 20 dogs under our care, living in factories or farms, to apply Frontline and Revolution. Tick and heartworm prevention does[…]

Be Prepared! First Aid Saves Lives

Volunteers being taught how to approach an injured dog Our volunteers are dedicated and passionate about what they do. Often finding themselves on the front line of rescue work, they wanted to be equipped with more knowledge on how to help the dogs they come across, and also of course, how to be a better[…]