Be Prepared! First Aid Saves Lives

Volunteers being taught how to approach an injured dog

Our volunteers are dedicated and passionate about what they do. Often finding themselves on the front line of rescue work, they wanted to be equipped with more knowledge on how to help the dogs they come across, and also of course, how to be a better pet owner at the same time.

Learning how to muzzle a dog when you don’t have a muzzle on hand
The substitute muzzle made the poor doggy look like a Christmas present. 
So they attended the Pet Savers Program conducted by Pawsitive Sensations. There, they learnt Pet CPR and first aid. They also gained a deeper insight into what to do in certain emergencies like how to help a dog choking, how to stop the bleeding if a dog gets a serious cut and is bleeding excessively or what can be done when a dog stops breathing or goes into shock. Learning about how to take a dog’s pulse and how to tell if a dog has a fever are equally important concerns to learn about. These topics are important in our line of work with the strays, as well as good to have knowhow as pet owners.

Performing CPR on the dog

Checking for pulse
Of non-emergency cases, they learnt how to care for senior dogs. How to make senior dogs comfortable, what ailments senior dogs are more susceptible to, and how to spot these symptoms. They also learnt how to provide simple dental care and what checks to do daily to ensure the well-being of our much loved dogs and much more. Our volunteers left the class feeling smarter and much better equipped with knowledge to be able to help more of our street dogs, and their own dogs as well.  
Instructor Zoe Gan
It was a fun and insightful day. Our volunteers took back a lot of newfound information and are more confident in their rescue work as they are better equipped with the knowledge to help our strays.

Learning to tie a pressure bandage
Written by: Sam