Babu, Is That You?

We first met Babu in May 2012 when someone informed us of a hit and run case. Babu was a very sweet street dog that was cared for by some workers. He had gone out to look for them when he was struck by a car and dragged a distance. Thankfully, he survived the accident and only suffered a broken leg and some abrasions. Read more about his accident here.
His troubles were far from over though. While at the vet, he may have contracted distemper. But this resilient boy toughed it out and became the first dog in HOPE’s history to survive distemper.
Luckily for Babu, he had workers who loved him. It was not our practice to return a recuperating dog to the place we rescued him from. But this was an exceptional case as it was evident that the workers loved Babu and were committed to his care. So we returned him to the workers and we kept in touch with them over the first year as Babu recovered. Read more of Babu’s story here and here.
Babu’s main caretaker left the premises after about a year, but another worker said that he would continue to care for Babu and having experienced how well the workers took care of Babu, we soon left him entirely to their care.

Handsome Babu leaving SPCA and heading to the vet

Fast forward to this morning when we received a call from SPCA – they had a male dog in their care. Someone had seen him sitting in the middle of the road, in too much pain to move and called SPCA, and the caller had kindly stayed with him till SPCA arrived. SPCA scanned the dog for a chip and traced the chip back to HOPE. Lo and behold, the dog they had in their care was none other than Babu.

Watch video of Babu leaving SPCA:

We rushed down and were shocked to see Babu. The workers must have all left the country and left him to fend for himself. His front right leg was dangling as if the joint was totally severed and his shoulder was swollen to almost 3 times its normal size.

Look at how swollen Babu’s right shoulder is
His right leg must be in so much pain
He must have been hit by a car and dragged on the road. Besides a very swollen and broken leg, he was also bleeding from his nose, had abrasions under his chin and a swollen muzzle

He was anxious and in obvious distress, and kept looking out for the workers and wanting to go outdoors. We immediately took him to the vet. He was in so much stress and pain that he did not seem to remember us. The vet did not want to stress him any further and so put off examination of his injury. For now, they have just warded him and put him on a drip and given him some pain killers.

Not being able to bear weight on his right leg, and having a swollen muzzle

Tomorrow, once he has calmed down, they will take an x-ray of his front right leg to assess the extent of the injury. We were concerned about his old fracture but the vet reckoned that it was ok and not causing him any problems.

The vet examining Babu  
The vet bill was estimated to cost $4k. Assuming all goes well, they will insert a steel plate and discharge him on Monday. The required deposit was $3k, however we could only afford $1k. Surgery has been scheduled for Friday but we need to come up with the $3k in order for Babu to get the surgery he needs. 

This was a photograph of Baby Babu, given to us by his favourite worker, who has since left the country
Still as good looking, albeit a swollen muzzle
They say that lightning never strikes twice, so how unlucky is Babu to be a victim of a hit and run not just once but twice? He broke one leg 3 years earlier, and today, 3 years later, history repeats itself on another of his leg. Not only that, he has also lost the love and support of his beloved workers. We can only imagine how scared and alone he must feel right now. How much more must this handsome boy go through before his luck takes a turn for the better? 

As he no longer has the workers to look after him, we will need to find him a foster once he is discharged, and hopefully a forever home after he recovers. But our most urgent concern is to see him through his surgery. For now, we urgently need help with his vet bills. The sooner he undergoes the surgery, the better his chances of recovery. If you can help contribute towards his vet bills, please email Thank you.

Written by Sam