Have A Heart. Adopt A Dog

Dog owners will agree that there’s nothing quite like the reception we get coming home to our dogs. That dance of joy is enough to make anyone feel like a superstar with each arrival home! Dogs alleviate feelings of loneliness, whether we’ve been packed in like sardines with nameless strangers on the MRT, or just another person alone in their car stuck in the jam on the KJE. As dog owners, most of us are greeted first by our dogs, even if our home is packed with family members! For many elderly people who live alone, dogs are their constant companions.

Happy (3+ years, female, not HDB approved)

Research has shown that owning a pet helps decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and provides greater opportunities for exercise and socialization. So many of us feel tired after a long day, drained of energy. Walking the dog is the last thing we want to do. We grab the leash regardless and drag ourselves outside, only to feel refreshed and relaxed after a nice walk with our best friend. Going on a walk, or playing with the dog outdoors often gives us the opportunity to meet new people. What better way to make new friends?

Bonnie (6 years, female, HDB approved)

So often we hear of people struggling with addiction, depression, physical impairments, or aging that force themselves to walk the dog, or go to the store to buy them food. The routine of caring for their dogs keeps them engaged in the world, and helps keep them going. Dogs are fast being recognized for their therapeutic abilities, for sensing seizures, leading the sightless, helping children with special needs, sniffing out drugs, explosives and even cancer. Dogs provide friendship and security to children. Children growing up with dogs learn compassion and empathy.

Roxy (2 years, female, HDB approved)

How many of us learned to be responsible caregivers as a result of caring for the family dog? Having a pet teaches children to respect another living being from an early age. Older children learn to be reliable and responsible – feeding, grooming and walking a living creature that depends on them. For kids who are too young to do much of the caregiving, they watch us model that behavior and the lessons of proper care, reliability, and trust become ingrained early. Take your kids with you to vet appointments so they can see all that’s involved in caring for the dog. Let them ask questions and understand what’s happening. Sometimes teenagers bring the family dog to the vet and this allows the teenager to understand the dog, to learn more about its health and ailments and how perhaps they can help give the dog a more comfortable lifestyle.

Rover (4 mths old, male, uncertain if he will be HDB approved as he is still growing)

Do you still need more reasons for owning a dog? They bring beauty, loyalty and joy to our lives. There’s a purity in our relationship with our dogs that’s unique and constant. I love my dogs. My entire life and being revolves around them. They are my life, for without them, I would have no life. They’ve opened my eyes to a world I never knew existed. They taught me love, kindness, compassion, patience and so much more that we were never taught in school.

Have a heart. ADOPT.

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