Discarded During Spring Cleaning

On our monthly visit to check on the fish farm dogs, to apply Frontline and deliver food, the worker approached us for additional food portions for two new dogs. We were surprised by the news and more so when he told us that Jubilee’s owners had left them there. We recalled our previous conversation with[…]

Life Begins at 21! (CRYSTAL Updates)

Day by day, Crystal is slowly getting stronger in her foster home. She has finally put a bit of weight on that tiny body, but her bones still visibly protrude from her skeletal frame. She’s not circling as much nowadays, but instead walks a lot more. Well, her hind legs are still quite weak and[…]

Down On His Luck (Babu Updates)

There are days when something bad happens and we’ll groan and think, “I must be the unluckiest person in the world!” Well, compared to what Babu has been through, most of us actually have it quite good. The saying that “lightning never strikes twice” certainly doesn’t apply to Babu. Poor Babu has had the misfortune[…]

A Task Like No Other

Imagine a job with no pay; working even on weekends and late into the night, while surrounded by suffocating heat and dozens of mosquitoes. No one hands you any awards or recognition trophies, neither do they thank you for the tireless work you do. This is the job of a HOPE volunteer. Unseen heroes who[…]

Puppy Rover (Adopt Him?)

Handsome puppy Rover is available for adoption Rover, our youngest little charge at only 4.5 months, is only a baby but he is also one of the cheekiest boys we’ve ever had. He has topped the list of exploits by all our rescues by doing the unimaginable last night. He ate a sock. He went[…]

Crystal (HOPE’s Oldest Rescue Dog)

How old are the oldest dogs you know? Maybe 18, 19? Are they enjoying their golden years, spoiled rotten by their owners and living a life of leisure? That’s the life a dog should lead. Crystal’s home for almost a decade  This is Crystal. Crystal is the oldest dog that HOPE has ever rescued, still[…]

The Amazing Matthieu

What? Another video about a black dog? When you see this video, this might be one of the thoughts running through your mind. Yes, it seems like Matthieu is just another regular black dog, another of our pitiful rescues that is of a colour traditionally thought of by the Chinese as a harbinger of bad[…]