The Amazing Matthieu

What? Another video about a black dog? When you see this video, this might be one of the thoughts running through your mind. Yes, it seems like Matthieu is just another regular black dog, another of our pitiful rescues that is of a colour traditionally thought of by the Chinese as a harbinger of bad luck. Yet, Matthieu is certainly not just another black dog. Each of our rescues is special and Matthieu is not any less unique or precious just because he is black. He is the one and only Matthieu and we are matt-ly in love with him. He is just so adorable, isn’t he? Just look at him amusing himself with his treat in the video.

Watch Matthieu playing with his treat

Guess how old Matthieu is? Four or five? Neh… he is more than a decade old! Can’t tell huh? He behaves just like a little boy even though he is a senior dog who has weathered the storm. Our volunteers call him ‘Ah Pek’ affectionately. He is an old man in dog years but a puppy at heart. Poor Matthieu was paralysed from the waist down after an industrial accident and went through operations, acupuncture, massage and hydrotherapy sessions before he could walk without a wheelchair. 

Our favourite old man! 


His willpower to survive is so admirable and touching. He hung on to life and lived on courageously despite the cards being stacked against him. Looking at Matthieu today, one can never imagine that he was once meant to be put down due to the appalling condition that he was found in. He looks just like any normal healthy dog and is super affectionate and loving. Whenever the volunteers visit Matthieu to bring him for his walks, he would muster all his strength to move his body towards them and welcome them with a low ‘groo’ sound. He would also stuff his cute little snout into the volunteers’ hands when they give him pats and shower them with lots of sloppy licks. He is such a sweetheart. He really grows on you and the volunteers always look forward to walking him. It is the highlight of their week. Matthieu gets along well with his two friends, Kiwi and Woodie, who live in the same foster home as him. He loves them so much that he would never go on his walks without them. He is easy to care for and can be left alone for the most part of the day. He just needs some TLC, home cooked meals and at least one long walk per day so that he can exercise his legs, be in touch with his neighbourhood and bond with you.

Matthieu, handsome & amazing

Would you like to meet Matthieu? We are sure you would drop all your prejudices about black dogs after you have matt Matthieu and would fall matt-ly in love with him too. His cute face and sweet nature would be sure to melt your heart! Matthieu’s name means ‘Gift of God’. We truly think he is a gift of God and hope that you can be a gift of God to him and he can be a gift of God to you too. If you are interested in adopting Matthieu and giving him the furever home that he craves and deserves so much, please email

Thank you! *sloppy kisses and exposed belly in love and gratitude from Matthieu* 
Written by : Weiling