A Task Like No Other

Imagine a job with no pay; working even on weekends and late into the night, while surrounded by suffocating heat and dozens of mosquitoes. No one hands you any awards or recognition trophies, neither do they thank you for the tireless work you do. This is the job of a HOPE volunteer. Unseen heroes who selflessly volunteer time and effort to help the ones without a voice – our local strays.

Carrying the dog carriers to the factories to trap dogs for sterilization

Checking which dogs are ear-tipped before we catch them
Checking on the healing of the sterilization wound (from the week before) 

Part of the job includes going on rounds to trap dogs and bring them in for sterilization. It’s not as easy as it sounds – it is tough work sometimes as the dogs don’t trust humans and this can take hours, days or even months to accomplish. When the sterilization has been done and the dogs are released back to where they were captured, we don’t just send them away and hope for the best. Our volunteers continue to visit and do follow ups with the dogs, checking their wounds to ensure that they have healed well and do not require further medical attention.

They aren’t always this friendly! 

Sometimes we take months to gain trust and befriend them

Taking the next dog for sterilization and the ladies do a darn good job! 

That’s not all. Our volunteers also feed the dogs routinely and supply food to sites where there are nice workers who care for the dogs. As we are spread out quite thin, our volunteers are always grateful for the people who are willing to care for the dogs as this means that we do not have to visit as often, freeing up our time to care for other dogs in need.

Feeding them before we grab them! 

It’s a dangerous job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Our volunteers go to factories after work to speak to workers about the importance of sterilization

Please spread the word about the selfless work HOPE volunteers do and support our sterilization programme. By doing so, you will be saving countless innocent lives by controlling the stray population!

Email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg for more details.