Down On His Luck (Babu Updates)

There are days when something bad happens and we’ll groan and think, “I must be the unluckiest person in the world!” Well, compared to what Babu has been through, most of us actually have it quite good. The saying that “lightning never strikes twice” certainly doesn’t apply to Babu. Poor Babu has had the misfortune of being hit by a car twice, in the span of less than 4 years.

Leaving the vet after his second surgery

The only silver lining in his dark cloud is that he has been taken care of by kind-hearted foreign workers who feed him. But their jobs are transient by nature, and that means that Babu doesn’t have a “true home” to call his own. Perhaps this is why he is so susceptible to traffic accidents; both times causing serious injuries to his legs.

Mr Friendly

Wearing a pain patch

Look at his arm. Imagine his pain.

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The poor sweet boy was found by a kind Samaritan, who then informed SPCA about an injured dog lying prone in the middle of the road, unable to move because of his broken leg. It was found that he had fractured his fore leg, hence the terrible swelling and being unable to walk properly. Despite his troubles, this plucky fighter is still on his best behaviour and as friendly as ever. But his injuries were more complicated this time.

This external fixator will have to remain for the next 6 weeks, going back to the vet every 2 weeks to check on his recovery & progress


Since the accident, Babu has had 2 surgeries done on his right fore leg. The vet went ahead with the operations even though we didn’t have the money for them yet, as Babu was in too much pain. He underwent the first operation some weeks ago, which unfortunately did not go so well, and the screws came off.

A few days ago, Babu had a second operation to rectify the problem, and to insert an external fixator. He has just been discharged, but he’ll return to the vet for a review this evening. To keep a close eye on his recovery progress, Babu will need to go for a review once every 2 weeks. And at the end of 6 weeks, Babu will go under the knife a third time, to remove the external fixator. Poor boy. 

Thankfully, the bill for Babu’s first operation has been paid. But we still haven’t gotten the funds to pay for his second operation, which cost $2,000. Getting this bill settled would be a huge load off our shoulders, and we would be able to once again focus on Babu’s recovery and rehabilitation. If you would like to contribute to Babu’s vet bills, please email