Discarded During Spring Cleaning

On our monthly visit to check on the fish farm dogs, to apply Frontline and deliver food, the worker approached us for additional food portions for two new dogs. We were surprised by the news and more so when he told us that Jubilee’s owners had left them there. We recalled our previous conversation with Jubilee’s owner and remembered that he had a French bulldog.

For those who don’t remember, Jubilee was so named because he was abandoned at this same fish farm while the nation celebrated our Golden Jubilee. Read Jubilee’s story here.
We were appalled! What was up with abandoning dogs during festive periods? Did the owner think that they could sneakily drop off their dogs while everyone was out celebrating and not be caught? We just could not fathom the thought of how someone can repeatedly abandon one’s own dogs. We decided to call the dogs Ah Huat and Ah Cai, hoping that, like Jubilee, a “lucky” name would grant them a luckier hand in life.

Ah Huat, the male French Bulldog

Ah Huat is a French Bulldog, estimated to be about 6 or 7 years old. Ah Cai, a black local crossbreed, estimated to be only about 6 months old. Both dogs are male and have become a bonded pair, probably because they used to live together and now only have each other.

This is their home until we can afford to send them for a full medical and get long term fosters / adopters 

Ah Huat & Ah Cai’s home for now 
Ah Huat and Ah Cai (in background)
Ah Cai (a male, local crossbreed puppy)

One of the other fish farm dogs had died over the Chinese New Year period, having been bitten by a snake while the workers were away. By the time the workers returned, it was already too late. Ah Huat and Ah Cai are too domesticated and we worry about them having a run-in with snakes or even the existing pack of strays on the farm. Thankfully, the workers who were also worried that they may be attacked by the strays for intruding into their territory, locked them up in an area at the back of the farm to keep them safe. However, the enclosure is little more than a filthy alley that is exposed to the elements and is crawling with rats and other pests. The dogs have also taken to sleeping in an old cupboard in the alley and we worry that they may have heartworm, just like Jubilee had. 
We will need to send them to the vet for a full medical checkup and sterilization as soon as possible and will need help with their vet bills. They will also be up for foster or adoption. Ah Huat and Ah Cai are a bonded pair so they will need to be fostered or re-homed together. Therefore, they can only be adopted out to families living in private apartments or landed housing due to the single dog HDB rule.
If you can contribute towards their medical bills (they need full medicals and to be sterilized), or foster or adopt both of them, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg. In the meantime, they are still roughing it out at the fish farm. 

Written by: Sam