Our weekly feeding rounds are hardly anything but routine, and this feeding round was no different. This time, it was an injured, limping dog which turned our feeding round into a rescue frenzy.  Lying in a deep drain When we first noticed her limping, we tried to get closer to check her injuries but she[…]

R&R (Rescue & Rehabilitation)

At HOPE, our top priority when we rescue dogs is to find suitable and comfortable living environments for them. We don’t have a shelter to call our own; so before rehoming our rescue dogs, we always try our best to find foster homes for them. But despite our continuous appeals, there are never enough fosters.[…]

Babu the Mr Friendly (Updates)

Although Babu might be the unluckiest dog we have rescued (time and time again), this is a happy update. The external fixator is still in his right front leg Read about his first accident here.Then click here to read about his homecoming after a battle with distemper.And read about his second accident here.Babu went for his[…]