Update On Lil’ Pumpkin (the TVT girl in the drain)

Pumpkin, the dog we rescued from the drain last weekend, is still warded at the vet.

6 years old but hardly any teeth left

Watch her rescue video https://youtu.be/AMaU8Han0SU

The vet did an ultrasound and found that the poor girl has chronic pancreatitis. The results of her blood test show no other areas of concern besides her pancreas. Her appetite is poor but her condition is otherwise stable for now. Her wounds are cleaned twice a day so are now free of maggots. Her paw with the missing toes are not doing so well though. The bones are showing and the vets are considering amputating the paw. We are devastated with this piece of news and are hoping that there is some other alternative procedure that can save her paw, such as skin grafting.

Paw with missing toes and bones revealed
Her wounds are very deep. The maggots had burrowed through and came out from new holes under her flesh. 

Pumpkin will remain at the vet for another week or so, so the vets can monitor her condition and decide what can be done about her paw. Her left hind leg seems injured too as she doesn’t bear weight on it. If she continues to not use her left hind leg, an x-ray would need to be done to check for fractures because a visual check shows nothing.

Pumpkin, holed up at the vet

We need help with her vet bills and are also looking for a foster home that Pumpkin can continue her recuperation in once she is discharged from the vet. Pumpkin has spent her entire 6 years of life alone. She has no friends and no factory to live in. She lives in a drain under the bus stop and spends her time hiding from other dogs lest they pick on her. It’s time we showed her what love and friendship mean.

If you can help with the bills or foster Pumpkin, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg.