Sterilization Of Some New Strays We Discovered

It is ironic, and sad, how an uneventful day is not a norm in the rescue line. There is hardly a day that we go on our rounds and don’t find another of our street dogs in need of help.
Brown, unsterilized male with left eye bugling
This time, it was 17 dogs, 2 of which are mere puppies. The puppies look only to be about 2 months old and we worry about their survival in the large construction area that we found them in. 
This is where they live
Besides the puppies, 1 of the adult dogs is also a cause of concern. This particular adult dog is a brown, unsterilized male. His left eye appears to be bulging from the socket. The eyeball can still move, though we are not sure if he can still see with it. We will be taking him to the vet tomorrow (Wednesday) to have his eye checked out and to get him sterilized. The area in which he lives is full of heavy machinery and construction debris so it is possible he may have found himself on the pointy end of one of these and hurt his eye. We can’t take in any more dogs as we don’t have any available foster spaces, but the least we can do is to sterilize him before returning him to his “home” so as to control the stray population. 
Please help me get sterilized and have my eye checked
The puppies are still too young to be sterilized so we will leave them be for now and hope that they will quickly learn to navigate the dangers of their home. Once they are old enough, we will also send them for sterilization. For now, we will focus on the adult brown dog’s medical needs and sterilizing the other adult dogs.
If you can contribute towards the vet bills, please email