Update On Cammy

Early this morning, Cammy was transferred to our regular vet to undergo an emergency surgery. The vet said there was only a 50% chance of success, so we were all waiting anxiously on the edge of our seats.
A very sweet girl. Cammy patiently waiting for the vet to see her this morning. Can see from this photo how bloated her stomach is
We’ve just had news from the doctor. The surgery went well, but the next 48 hours are crucial. Dr. Tan said we brought her in just in time. Had we not rescued her when we did, she would have died in a day or two.  
Cammy’s bladder was ruptured. Ultrasound scans showed holes and leaks in her bladder. That’s why we saw her straining to pee, but nothing came out. The pee was leaking into her stomach cavity. 1.8 liters of fluid was drained from her tummy last night. Another 1.5 liters was drained today, and Cammy’s bladder was stitched up during the surgery.
Still groggy after her surgery
Cammy’s internal organs were red and there was a lot of inflammation. As urine is acidic, there might have been some organ scalding. The vet has flushed everything, and will continue to observe Cammy. If she doesn’t improve, there might be an infection.
The hole in her bladder was not a clean tear. It was a jagged wound caused by blunt force trauma. One possible cause of such bad trauma would be a traffic accident. We ruled that out, because Cammy has no abrasions on her body to indicate a car accident. Falling down could also cause trauma to internal organs, but how hard or how far would she have to fall to get hurt so badly?
The most likely reason for the tear in Cammy’s bladder, according to the vet, would be from someone kicking her, hard. Who on earth could have been so wicked to kick her so hard? Cammy is totally not aggressive at all, she’s just a sweet, helpless dog. 
When we called her, she summoned all her energy to lift her head and look at us
We will need to monitor Cammy closely over the next 48 hours. She’s very weak and in a lot of pain; hopefully she does not develop an infection. Her blood test results were horrendous. We don’t know when her kidney and heart will go back to normal. We will do another blood test tonight, and then again every 3 days.
We hope that karma will catch up to the one who did this to Cammy.
If you can contribute towards Cammy’s vet bills or foster her when she is discharged, please email hopedogrescue@singnet.com.sg