On The Streets Where She Lives

About 2 months ago, a pregnant dog wandered into a factory to give birth. Luckily for her, the workers of the factory are very kind and allowed her and her 5 puppies to stay. Not only that, they even shared their food with her and her new pups.  Poor puppies are going to spend their[…]

Peppa Updates

Peppa was found roaming the streets on 25 May 2016. She was not licensed or registered so her owners could not be traced. In any case, she was extremely sick when found, so it may have been a deliberate act of abandonment. When we found her, she refused all food and water. Her breath was[…]

Adopting a Stray – What to Expect

Those cute and adorable pictures that we often post on Facebook of our rescued dogs up for adoption – have you ever wondered what the “Before” pictures look like? A total far cry from the carefree Doggie in the Window appearance! A tiny lonesome puppy looking for food on the streets A rescued stray, fur[…]