Pet Shop Boys

Who doesn’t love a happy ending? Everyone does, especially our dogs! The joy and happiness when each of them finds their “happily ever after” is the most rewarding feeling a rescue can have. When we rescued Jerry, Walter and Blake, we wanted nothing but the best for them. As we were unable to find fosters[…]

Crystal’s Updates

Crystal, the amazing 21-year-old dog, has actually been doing pretty well since we rescued her 2 months ago. She seems rather happy, and has gotten stronger and more steady on her feet. Since she has no teeth and can’t eat solid food, Crystal is syringe-fed 4 times a day.3 days ago, she stopped drinking water.[…]


Our weekly feeding rounds are hardly anything but routine, and this feeding round was no different. This time, it was an injured, limping dog which turned our feeding round into a rescue frenzy.  Lying in a deep drain When we first noticed her limping, we tried to get closer to check her injuries but she[…]

R&R (Rescue & Rehabilitation)

At HOPE, our top priority when we rescue dogs is to find suitable and comfortable living environments for them. We don’t have a shelter to call our own; so before rehoming our rescue dogs, we always try our best to find foster homes for them. But despite our continuous appeals, there are never enough fosters.[…]

Babu the Mr Friendly (Updates)

Although Babu might be the unluckiest dog we have rescued (time and time again), this is a happy update. The external fixator is still in his right front leg Read about his first accident here.Then click here to read about his homecoming after a battle with distemper.And read about his second accident here.Babu went for his[…]

Discarded During Spring Cleaning

On our monthly visit to check on the fish farm dogs, to apply Frontline and deliver food, the worker approached us for additional food portions for two new dogs. We were surprised by the news and more so when he told us that Jubilee’s owners had left them there. We recalled our previous conversation with[…]

Life Begins at 21! (CRYSTAL Updates)

Day by day, Crystal is slowly getting stronger in her foster home. She has finally put a bit of weight on that tiny body, but her bones still visibly protrude from her skeletal frame. She’s not circling as much nowadays, but instead walks a lot more. Well, her hind legs are still quite weak and[…]

Down On His Luck (Babu Updates)

There are days when something bad happens and we’ll groan and think, “I must be the unluckiest person in the world!” Well, compared to what Babu has been through, most of us actually have it quite good. The saying that “lightning never strikes twice” certainly doesn’t apply to Babu. Poor Babu has had the misfortune[…]